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play to fly!

play skysurfer games to earn and win miles for your next dream vacation!





need a break?

Skysurfer was created to help you unwind with our free hyper-casual mobile games.

play any of our games and we'll give you the chance to earn and win miles. your dream vacation could be a few clicks away.

play to fly!


earn and win miles

powered by


divit partners with global airlines to turn loyalty into technology.

in our home, Hong Kong, divit is partnered with Cathay Pacific.

when you earn or win divit miles, you'll be able to convert them 1:1 instantly into Asia Miles, for your next dream holiday.


sign up to divit and play any Skysurfer game for free, for your chance to earn and win miles.

endless fun.
endless rewards.


Baggage Run

your bags are getting away. chase it down and earn coins.

earn enough coins and you earn a mile. the more you play, the further you can fly. 


Airport Taxi Racing

get in your taxi and prepare to race. drive over as many coins as you can to fill your meter. every time you fill the meter you earn another mile. that's one mile closer to your dream destination.


Travel Balls

an infuriatingly simple game. catapult your balls into onto the table. merge balls of the same color until they reach critical mass and explode. the more balls you blow up the more miles you will get.

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2048 to fly

Merge identical number tiles and watch them double up to 2048! As you progress, the board can fill up, making it harder to merge. Test your strategic thinking every day with 2048!

ways to spend divit miles


convert to Asia Miles

1 divit miles = 1 Asia Mile


convert to gift cards

HKTVmall, Deliveroo, foodpanda, and more!

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donate to charity

Feeding HK


spend as cash

spend and save at any divit merchants


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